Monday, 16 January 2017

Welcome All (Tommy Cannon, Bobby Ball)

In this modern world of 3D horses, printed flatbreads and The Peter Kay's Comedy Shuffle, its easy to get lost with something new on the crowded internet. Regardless though, over the next weeks and months, I'm going to try and lure you anyway with my tales of pop culture ephemera, both new and old, broken and yellowed around the edges.

If there's one thing the British are fantastic at, its looking back at things in the past and mainly complaining about it not being as good as they used to be. This might be chocolate ("A Chomp used to be big as fifty houses when I were a sperms!"), comics ("Why is Desperate Dan enjoyable and not boring old cowboy shite that has remained the same since 1937?") or TV, which as we all know peaked on Christmas Day 197something when Morecambe and Wise did the charleston on Mike Yarwood's face and then Dana shat the National Anthem. "37 billion viewers they say!"

This blog will aim at writing about subjects such as TV, music, film, radio, comics etc. without trying on the Google Rose Tinted GlassesTM or, worse still, falling prostrate on that terrible phrase "THEY SHOULD BRING IT BACK". I just want to write honestly and openly about the things that interest me, good or bad. So, um...I will. Hope you'll come join me too.

Ben Baker,
January 2017


  1. Do all your old posts disappear every time you start a new blog? I've been trying to find that "Fuck Sake Korky" thing for ages now - one of the funniest Internet things I've ever read :D

    1. Ah, I deleted them all. I might reuse some of those posts but I do find some of it embarrassing. I really am terrible for going off my old work.