Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Of Fiends, Fakes and Football Funnies

Considering I've been making downloadable radio shows since 2002, I have yet to make my millions from the Ricky Hervaid-approved podcast boom. Indeed I had to shut down my last pod-site as I couldn't afford to pay for the webspace any longer. This led to a bit of a depression and I didn't record anything for a while, turning instead to this here blog to scratch my talking bollocks itch. But the urge to shout that bollocks at people who were further afield than outside my window was still there and growing every day. And so it was a pleasure to get back into conversation with one of my long-time collaborators and friend Tim Worthington.

Looks Unfamiliar is Tim's own programme in which he interviews people about the things they doubt anyone else remembers or gives a stuff about. I came up with so much that its been split into two parts and you can hear the first of those episodes below.


As Tim says on his much-recommended blog: "Joining Tim in this episode is writer, broadcaster and quizmaster Ben Baker, who hopes against hope that somebody else remembers early Chris Evans vehicle TV Mayhem, football comic The Onion Bag, novelty yoghurt range Fiendish Feet, the early internet craze for misidentifying every comedy song as 'by' Weird Al Yankovic, Betsy Byars' Bingo Brown novels, and the International Youth Service penpal scheme. Along the way we'll be getting some unconventional yoghurt-related gardening tips, recalling the classic horror film 'Dracula Vs. The Skeleton', discussing whether Fangs-A-Lot is an appropriate family heirloom, and finding out how the least politically correct gag in history ended up at the end of a right-on charity fundraising joke book. And Colin Foley, if you're out there, please get in contact."

What does it all mean? Listen and find out!

And if you like it, check out the others as they're all great. Although not too much as I want to beat those jerks in the download numbers. Enjoy!

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