Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Denominators Will Cost You - A Guest Simpsons Quiz

As a bit of extra-curricular fun because I've been writing so many quizzes myself recently, I asked a few of my friends if they'd write me a TV quiz in return as a bit of fun and to remind people my new book of quizzes and trivia "Remotely Interesting" is available to buy right now. Those last four words were a link incidentally and you should deffo follow it. Smiley face. Suggestive wink. Full trouser drop.

First to take me up on the offer is the wonderful Garreth F Hirons of this blog's least updated linked site (check the sidebar) Atomic Sourpuss who has gone all out Simpsons-style with his questions. Ive hidden the answers beneath those Teletext quality "REVEAL" buttons. See if you can beat me!

Lets start up those heavenly voices above a small town in Springfield...

1. Let's start at the start.  In "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire", Bart visits a tattoo artist.  That character has not reappeared since, but is the brother of another recurring Springfield resident - name this more well-known sibling.

Wow. A stumper off the top of my head. So I googled for a (non text) picture and based on the character design it has to Marvin Monroe but I couldn't have told you straight off. Seems more a Herman profession, doesnt it? 

2. "That cannon of yours is against regulations! In this department, we go by the book."  Said to whom, who will have quite the problem avenging his partner's death with this pea-shooter?

McBaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. "Bye Book"

3. Season Eight, Episode Thirteen featured the appearance of the family's short-lived nanny, Shary Bobbins.  Name the episode.

Oh god, its a parody of Supercalifragiwossname with "annoyed grunt" replacing "D'oh" in the middle, isnt it? But without looking it up, I couldnt give the exact spelling. You could say I did a half assed job.

LATER REMEMBERANCE: Its "Simpsoncalifragiwossname" with the D'oh in, isnt it?  

4. I was going to do a question about Snake's full name here, but apparently there's several different versions thereof.  But I'm a lazy, lazy man, so to partially use my previous research: can you name Snake's son?

I always know him as Snake Jailbird! As for his son...nope. Not a clue. 

5. "You Only Move Twice" is the best episode of The Simpsons.  Who voices Hank Scorpio in that episode?

Ooft, its up there but "Krusty Gets Kancelled" just sneaks ahead for me due to Eastern Europe's favorite cat and mouse team. The answer is  A. Brooks anyway. Albert to his pals. 

6. Because I can't go ten minutes without a wrestling reference, what is the name of the (fictional) wrestler who is quoted as living near Mr Burns?  He is heard ululating as Bret "Hitman" Hart considers moving into Monty's mansion in "The Old Man And The Lisa".

I used my old man stink to determine it was no other than the Shrieking Sheik!!!! Have you read Bret Hart's autobiography? It may be the most depressing thing I've ever read. And I've read [JOKE ABOUT GRAHAM LINEHAN AFTER 2007]!!!!

7. Name the alleged war criminal who has a cameo as himself in the episode "The Regina Monologues".

Good old Rev. Tony Blair. He used to be in a band you know!!!!

8 and 9. Mr Sparkle is a joint venture of which two companies?

Argh. A fishworks and a "Heavy Manufacturing Concern" but names are eluding me! Dammit Fishbulb! 

10. What is the real deal with Mr. Burns' assistant Smithers? You know what I'm talking about.

I take it back, this might very well be my favourite episode! The answer is: he's Mr. Burns' assistant. He's in his early 40s, unmarried and resides in Springfield. 

11 - 15. And for up to five bonus points, who are the mediocre presidents?  Clue: you won't find their faces on dollars or on cents...

There's Taylor! There's Tyler! There's Fillmore! And there's Hayes! There's William Henry Harrison. (He died in thirty days!)

Yeah, I might have listened to "Go Simpsonic with the Simpsons" a few thousand times too many....

Blimey, I feel he was generous there but I wont argue. If you'd to write a future telly quiz for me, please get in touch through the usual channels. And so concludes our tale. I'm Leonard Nimoy. Goodnight and keep watching the skis...

The Simpsons are going to Delaware!

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